Wildlife traditionally refers to un domesticated animal species , that also includes plants, fungi and other organisms that grow and live in a wild area. Wildlife is found in all ecosystems. These species are as important as humans. Animals such as the green anaconda, poison dart frog,monarch butterfly, lesser antillean iguana, etc. live in the tropical rainforests. From the camouflage tactics of jaguars and walking sticks, to the toxic skin of poison dart frogs, many animals have physical characteristics that help them adapt to their rainforest environment.

Sadly, many animals are endangered in the rainforest. Some are:

• Chimpanzee.

• Cross River Gorilla.

• Mountain Gorilla.

• African Elephant.

• Forest Elephant.

• Western Lowland Gorilla.

• Gorilla.

• Eastern Lowland Gorilla.

In fact, half of the world’s endangered species live in tropical rainforests.


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