The Ecosystems

Tropical rainforests have extremely high boidiversity. This creates amazing, interwoven ecosystems. In the tropical rainforests of Borneo, scientists have documented more than 15,000 plant species, including over 2,500 species of orchids!

The Halloween Crab is found only in the rainforests of Central America. The crab makes its home on the forest floor where it makes burrows underneath the ground. How does this tiny creature contribute to the rainforest? By carrying leaves into their burrows, the crabs help the soil get the nutrients it needs. Their diet of seeds helps to make sure that new plants can grow. Finally, their burrows also provide a safe habitat for other arthropods such as insects, spiders and other crabs. This is just how one animal helps in the rainforest. Over 25,000 species of vines grow in this forest. Lianas start off as small shrubs. To reach the conopy, they send out trendils to grab sapling trees. Now both plants grow together. All plants depend on each other. Insects are widely found. Due to this, it is vasically impossible for plants to stop reproducing. This shows the relationship between plants and animals.


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